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Getting on the Buy Australian Made Bandwagon

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getting on the australian made bandwagon

Getting on the Buy Australian Made Bandwagon

Our latest push is for all Aussies to Buy Australian Made & Owned products and food. I for one have made the $5.00 change to buy Australian made and owned food, products is a little more difficult.

Naive I know, but I honestly did not consider the fact that we purchased so much from overseas, and China in particular. That’s really sad. But, better late than never one says. I’m there now and onward and upward I say.

In my internet recon, I’ve come to realise that a hell of a lot of products are Made in China, with some elsewhere like Thailand or Spain for instance.

It wasn’t until this COVID-19 pandemic that it has really hit us. Well, I can only speak for myself, but talk is that it has affected a lot of Aussies, and I for one have started my own push to make a much more informed decision when purchasing foods or products from now on.  Having said this, criteria that I will not waver from will be quality. If I am paying more for a product because it has been Australian Made & Owned, I want to be sure that this product/food will, in no way, will be an inferior product to the overseas alternative.

As reported on the website: “As the pandemic continues, and even beyond that, we can expect policies favouring domestic manufacturing to be viewed far more sympathetically than they have for years. Our factories are all in China now and this offshore manufacturing of essential goods is starting to look reckless.”

If all Aussies get on the ‘Made In Australia’ bandwagon, it will definitely affect the sales for ‘Made In China’ products, but I am pretty sure it will not completely close these imports.

I also want it noted, that in no way, do I condone racism towards anyone. I have many Chinese-Australian friends, and I love my Chinese food. At some point I have China in my sights for travel too.

Again from “Whilst decoupling from China is perhaps a wise idea, it must be done in a way that protects Chinese-Australians and avoids immiserating us all. The general upswing in negative sentiment towards China makes life very hard for Asian people in Australia. Around 2% of Australia’s population was born in China, and there are many more second- and third-generation migrants on top of that. Racial discrimination against this substantial group (and others) is already being reported. We must engage constructively with China, while keeping racism out of the discourse and resisting knee-jerk reactions against trade.”


Well, I now do my shopping at Woolworths as it is local, and easy for me to get to when picking up my online order. Which leads me to the resources Woolworths offer in assisting with making an informed decision as to where they source each particular product. I found this extremely useful for making the $5.00 swap to AMAOF.

The smart team at Woolworths have a landing page named Fresh, where they have relevant information and links, including a Fresh Fruit & Veg Supply Calendar (Supply Chart PDF direct download) that lists when all their fresh produce is available and where they source it from.

I was really surprised to see that most of the vegetable produce is in fact Aussie grown – well done!



Another source of information is a Facebook page named Australian Made & Owned Food AU. You will need to join to be able to see their information and receive updates, but it’s worth it. There are almost daily posts on alternate foods that you can purchase that are definitely AMAO foods. They have also created an AMAOF Register spreadsheet that you can download that lists many options for Aussie preferred foods.


Being the curious type, I wanted to know if I could find out who owns Woolworths. This is what I discovered.

Woolworths Group Limited is a major Australian company with extensive retail interest throughout Australia and New Zealand. You can read about the Woolworths story here if interested. Woolworths are owned by the shareholders who invested in them on the Australian stock exchange, they are listed as WOW and became a public company in 1992. One thing I can’t seem to find is at up-to-date and clear timeline for Woolworths Group Limited and the ASX website is under maintenance at the time of writing this article.

I believe I will need to invest more time researching this a lot more, as there is articles confusing me by mentioning Woolworths owning David Jones, but I think that is Woolworths South Africa. That’s probably a completely different story to go into at some time in the future, if I can be bothered.

From what I can tell is that Woolworths Group Ltd is made up of segments including Australian Food, Endeavour Drinks, New Zealand Food, BIG W, Hotels.

  • Australian Food segment is engaged in procurement of food and related products for resale and provision of services to customers in Australia.
  • New Zealand Food is engaged in procurement of food and drinks for resale to customers in New Zealand.
  • Endeavour Drinks is focused on procurement of drinks for resale to customers in Australia.
  • BIG W is engaged in procurement of discount general merchandise products for resale to customers in Australia.
  • Hotels is focused on provision of leisure and hospitality services, including food and drinks, accommodation, entertainment, and gaming in Australia.

Number of employees : 196 000 people.

Company Contact Information

Woolworths Group Ltd.
1 Woolworths Way
Bella Vista
Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) 2153

Phone :  +61.2.8885.0000
Fax :  +61.2.8885.0001
Web :

ASX:  Woolworths Group Limtied (WOW)

ASX: End-of-day Quote 06/12/2020 was $36.67 AUD


After doing a little more research, I’ve also discovered a range of different websites that offer information on buying Australian Made food and products.

Following are four websites that offer this information.

“What you buy TODAY will determine the Australia we live in TOMORROW!” – Stephen Gately, Managing Director

getting on the buy australian made bandwagon


AMCL is not a government body and does not receive government funding for its core operations, which are licensing companies to use the logo and promoting Australian products both in Australia and overseas.

In 2002, the Federal Government transferred ownership of the logo to AMCL via a Deed of Assignment and Management, which sets out strict conditions under which AMCL may administer the logo.

Find Aussie Products

getting on the buy australian made bandwagon


Stephen Gately is the owner and Managing Director of Established BuyAustralianMade in 2009 to support and promote Australian manufacturing, Australian growers and Australian delivered services by making it easy for people to find real Australian made products and services.

Australia is going through massive changes, there are very important decisions to be made which will help to determine the Australia of tomorrow.


getting on the buy australian made bandwagon

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We are different to other online retailers as we only promote quality local independent Australian talent.

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getting on the buy australian made bandwagon


@AuManufacturing is the news and analysis website of the Australian Manufacturing Forum Linkedin networking group – the largest on social media.

Our mission is to extend the reach and influence of the views of our 5,000 manufacturer members through curated news, commentary and analysis.

The website features the views of real Australian manufacturers, thought leaders and commentary from editors Peter Roberts and Brent Balinski. With more than 50 years shared experience in industry reporting we bring you what is really happening in Australia’s $100 billion a year manufacturing sector.

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This subject is definitely … to be continued.