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Kids Bedroom Door Signs by Savvy Signs

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Kids Bedroom Door Signs by Savvy Signs

Kids bedroom door signs are a fun way to decorate your child’s bedroom door, bedroom walls, or playroom. Choose from a variety of designs and for some, you can select their favorite color. Personalise these kids door signs with their name, or nickname so you child can feel as if they own their space.

A bright and colourful addition to our range, are the Cubie Characters door signs. There are a variety of locations, for instance:  Country Farm, Arctic Polar, Aussie Bush, Under the Sea, Billabong, African Savannah and Jungle to select from with more locations planned to be released in the near future. Every design in the kids bedroom door sign range has been made by Lee Carter our Graphic Design Whiz, from start to finish and totally original.



You know, there is always a benefit to selling files for downloading, and that is we never run out of stock! Full stop!

Often, when doing research on competitors, we find suppliers stating ‘Unfortunately our Door Signs are currently out of stock, they will be back in stock early …..”

There is of course a downside, and that is, not everyone has access to a colour printer and laminator, especially if you have downloaded one of our A3 signs. We have a fix for this one – there are many services out there that can print and laminate your signs.

All you need to do is do a Google search for ‘a3 printing and laminating near me’. Here in the search results you will more than likely find a service near you. For instance, in my results was Officeworks – print and copy with optional laminating $9.50, Indigo Framing, Snap Printing and Classic colour Copying (no online pricing for these ones).


If you have time, we’d love you to fill out this survey on the possibility of offering optional services when purchasing the signs.