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Why can’t I log into my Azure hosting?

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Why can’t I log into my Azure hosting?

It could be as simple as requiring your IP address to be whitelisted.

I had an issue where I had difficulty getting into the Azure hosting with the credentials I had been given. It was suggested to get my IP address whitelisted as using the SFTP is an extremely secure platform. What do you know, it worked.

Up until recently I had been accessing and working in the Azure hosting account, then a few weeks ago I went back in to upload more files and, nope not letting you in.

After pulling my hair out, not that I have much, and doing the yoyo effect being sent from web developer to web host administrator back and forth … It turns out, because I recently was upgraded to NBN, my IP address changed, needing this new one to also be whitelisted.

Now you know!


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