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As a small business owner, in fact any owner including medium or large businesses, should be proactive and asking yourself: "Am I helping in the fight against this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic?". I'm assuming the answer will, of course, be "Yes". We are also here to help where we can, and by this I mean that Savvy Signs have added a new range of workplace safety signs specifically for this COVID-19 pandemic we are currently experiencing and maintaining a proper infection control system. All these signs have been prepared as A3 artwork so that you can print from your office, laminate and then place around your workplace. Our focus has been by adding a range of similar signs with different wording and pictograms to assist your small business in complying with, and being proactive with placement of these signs in your workplace.   When there is clear and instructional signage displayed it can be most effective in communicating your workplace prevention strategies against the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Our range of signs will encourage appropriate protocols for safe physical standing distances, social distancing rules as set out by governments, and we have also included a range of Word and PowerPoint templates that you can make your