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SEO is not a lead generation destination. It's a form of a map given to potential customers to guide them to your site. It must be routinely updated and maintained with proper labelling of keywords and destinations in order to work well. SEO will assist in the visibility of your site by search engines and rankings.   UTILISE SEO FOR LEAD GENERATION SEO is important in lead generation. If the SEO is not performing well, then you are potentialy limiting a large percentage of search traffic. and ultimately your leads. Search engines, and people using them, are looking for quality content that is heavily related to the search terms or keywords. As with SEO, if you are not displaying quality content, then you will miss out. SEO and the market are constantly evolving, making it hard to keep up and difficult to stay on top of it all.   CREATE A SEO STRAGEGY You will need to know your audience, define your ideal leads, identify target keywords and monitor SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings.    KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Who are you trying to attract? Age, gender, education, income level, key challenges and pain points. Understand your target users search pattern! If you have set up your Google Analytics account, then log in