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According to the Green Peace website, plastic pollution is killing our marine life. 30% of the world’s turtles and 90% of seabird species have now ingested plastic debris. One of the serious offenders is plastic bags. Australians use around 4 billion plastic bags every year – that’s a whopping 10 million or so each day. An estimated 50 million of these end up in our waterways and ocean.   Question? Does that mean they have autopsied 30% of the world’s turtles and 90% of seabird species to gather these facts? I doubt it, but it’s probably a reasonable guess based on the number of sea life to ratio of plastic bags discarded! [rolling eyes]   Enter – Again – Brown Paper Bags After reading a comment/statement by a friend on Facebook, it got me thinking. Why can’t we go back to the old brown paper bags to pack and take your grocery shopping home in???   #BringBackTheBag-BrownPaperBags Back in the days of grocery shopping, obviously before the plastic bag, we would take home the shopping in brown paper bags. These got banned as there were too many trees required to carry home our groceries. Instead the world decided to kill off the marine life as an alternative option. Well, not that