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In line with my ongoing commitment to excellence in keeping updated with latest trends, you should find the Brite Ideas refreshed website easier to use, and navigate around. We’ve spent time making sure it’s straightforward to use across different devices and for a range of audiences, all in the name of making our clients’ lives easier. Phase 1 A new focus on SEO implementation and organic strategies, Digital Marketing and EDM campaigns, it was decided that a new look should go with the new business strategy. I'm going to put my knowledge and resources to work and assist small business to become better known in Google results pages. The main practice will be focusing on organic growth, however, there is rewards for undertaking PPC and Google Ads to meet the market demand for popularity and increasing of sales. Combined services in the one area: graphic and web design, seo, digital marketing, workplace safety signs, children's room signs, tutorials and general info technology information and help. Still running separately for now are the websites for Ikoniko Design, Redhawk Design, Savvy Signs and Self Medicate, but as these businesses are under the Brite Ideas umbrella, I thought it a great place to amalgamate the information onto one website

Step One:  Initial Preparation Creating an awesome website is no easy task. There is a lot involved to make sure that not only the design and UX (user experience) is met, but also that your website is prevalent within the SERP (search engine results pages) and preferably showing on page one. The latter comes down to the strategic setting up of your SEO (search engine optimisation). Step one of the process that we follow is explained within this article. Keep posted for the following steps. At Ikoniko the preferred platform we have selected to use is the Wordpress content management system, and these are the basic steps that are completed to get a website up and running. Purchase a domain name Select the content management system Web hosting service Setup and configure Wordpress platform Install theme, plugins and customise the website appearance Launch website Security and SEO configuration   Identifying Your Website’s Purpose First you need to identify what the purpose is for your website, and determining this is crucial before you engage a web developer. Have a goal in mind why and what your reason for a web presence is. Some of the possible reasons could be: promoting your company and products showcasing hobbies, talents, or personal